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Welsh Holiday

Simon Pierse RWS AWI, Staycation, 2021, watercolour 45 x 53 cm (framed) £375.00

Remember all those sand-in-the-sandwiches UK holidays we used to have? Peering into rock pools with hopeful net and bucket, Mr Whippy cornets melting in sticky rivulets as we staggered back across the beach to the family wind break? Nylon bathing trunks with white piping down the side, fish and chips and salty surfer hair at the end of a long day? Pullovers! Well they are back again this year with a vengeance. Coastal Wales was never so busy. Here's my tribute to the staycation, on show at the RWS autumn exhibition Then & Now which opens at Bankside Gallery (next to Tate Modern) on Friday 1 October.

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