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In conversation with Cathy Beckham

Ninth House Music and Voice Production recently made a short film of Simon Pierse in conversation with Catherine Beckham. In this video, Simon talks publicly for the first time about what it was like growing up in South East London, his early artistic influences and how a charismatic art teacher at school put him on the path towards a career in art and art teaching. Speaking informally in the studio, Simon discusses his approach to watercolour and how the concept of Darshan informs his approach to mountain painting. He reveals the importance of the landscape of north and south India as a subject in his work and discusses some of the paintings in his solo show Indian Yellow, currently showing at MOMA, Machynlleth.

To watch the video on YouTube follow this link:

or scan the QR code.

(left) Watch Indian Yellow, Simon Pierse in conversation with Catherine Beckham

(right) Simon Pierse photographed in Badami, Karnataka, on his first trip to India in January 1983

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