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Flowing Water - an International watercolour exhibition in Taipei

Taoyuan Watercolor Biennial 2021

My heartfelt thanks to Professor Chin-Lung Huang and everyone in Taiwan who made this exhibition happen despite the attritions of lockdown 2020-21. Why do they do it, you may ask? ... when so few of the exhibitors have been able to visit Taiwan to see the wonderful gallery and the great hang of work by fellow watercolourists from around the world. I guess it's because these guys believe in what they doing and want to make things happen despite the misery of Covid.

Here are my paintings on the wall in the Exhibition Hall, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan. They were sent by me, lost by Hermes, then found and delivered (water-damaged) to the exhibition convenors who still managed to frame them up and put them in the show. The paintings (left to right) are Requiem for a polar bear; Sight of a humpback whale, and Riders, Mamallapuram Beach. All were painted in 2019.

To find out more, visit:

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